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 Looking For Nursing And Physio Care At Home?

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Looking For Nursing And Physio Care At Home? Empty
PostSubject: Looking For Nursing And Physio Care At Home?   Looking For Nursing And Physio Care At Home? EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 3:51 pm

Salam 1 malaysia and hi there..
first of all would like to apologise for making this advertisment in your community forum..BUT we think that this is the best way to promote our home healthcare services to your community..
AppleRed Healthcare Services, formerly known as Care At Home offers complete home health care services for newborns to seniors, whether acutely ill, temporarily disabled or requiring long-term care.

AppleRed is dedicated to delivering an integrated nursing service by providing cost effective care and support in the comfort and convenience of your home. AppleRed provides nursing care, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, home health assistants, caregiver training, infusion therapy and other disciplines to achieve full recovery. Our services are a professionally operated and hospital-linked service provider.

AppleRed’s team has been in services from May 2006 and we are ready to meet increasing market demand for quality home care nursing services. If you are coming home from the hospital, make sure that your doctor or social worker to call AppleRed to closely involve in your discharge planning.

1. Wound Management

2. Insertion and Maintenance of Urinary Catheters and Nasogastric Tube

3. Administration of Injections

4. Care of Tracheotomy, Drainage Tube and Central Venous Line

5. Stoma Care

6. Palliative, Elderly and Post Stroke Care

7. Training For Caregiver

8. Private or Custodial Nursing

9. Pain Management

10. Health Education for the Family or Caregiver

11. Post-surgical Management

12. Removing of Stitches and Clips

13. Post-natal Care (mother and baby)

14. Physiotherapy, Occupational and Speech Therapy

15. Sell and Rental Medical Equipment

16. Escort Nurse NEW

17. Pickup Services (medication/appointment etc) NEW

This coordination with AppleRed means you get the right care. For more details, please contact us at 603-2096 9179, fax us at 603-2096 9345 or email us at

Thank You
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Looking For Nursing And Physio Care At Home?
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